Wheels of Confusion at Dazed & Confused #14 held November 4,5,6 2017 at La Laguna Resort at Lake Elsinore California

Row 1 L to R: Amber Shaw, Angela Mayzum

Row 2: Chris Weidmann

Row 3: Amy Shepard, Alan Quilty, Stephanie Huerta, Sugar Bear (Riverside), Michelle Bron

Row 4: Kevin Mowery, Heather Smith

Back Row: Adam Ris, Greg Coddington, Jerry Crossno and Ilene, Phil Jones, RoseAnn Huerta, John Ferguson, Tom Chronister 

Wheels of Confusion now has a new Arizona Chapter located in Kingman Arizona but serving the whole state

Flyer from the latest version of Dazed & Confused #13 held in November 2016 in Lake Elsinore

Wheels of Confusion members at the Gypsy Vanner River Run #2 on the Kern River near Lake Isabella. L to R: Yazmin Guzman, Michelle Bron, Amber Shaw, Angela Mayzum, Phil Jones, Gavin Browne, Heather Smith, Tom Chronister, Stephanie Huerta 

Wheels of Confusion Huntington Beach 2015 members at Dazed & Confused #12 at Lake Elsinore. Bottom row l to r: John "Dubber" Ferguson. Amy Shepard, Angela Mayzum, Ke-Van Mowery, Michelle Bron, Amber Shaw, Heather Smith, Tom Chronister. Top Row l to r:  Adam Ris, Amber Marie O'Shay, Gavin "The Van Nazi" Browne, Phil jones "Sluggo", Stephanie Huerta,  Alan Quilty, Jerry "Jughead" Crossno, Lisa Gager and Steve Saybrook "The quiet one" 

Programs-Flyers-Dash Plaques from various Wheels events 

Visit the current Wheels of Confusion Huntington Beach Web site at wheelsofconfusionvanclub.com


Vintage Wheels of Confusion Dash Plaques donated by Mark Holsinger.  Top Row Night of Confusion Sept. 14, 1985 Carson, Ca.  Dazed & Confused #2 at La Jolla Indian Campground August 7-9, 1981, Mass Confusion #2 Aug. 21, 1983 HB, Turkey Trot #2, Nov. 7, 1976,  Turkey Trot #4 Nov. 17, 1984 HB, Wheels of Confusion Phoenix & Arizona Truckers Mystery Castle Run and Happening #3 December 12, 1976, Turkey Trot #3, Nov. 6. 1977,  Mass Confusion 1 May 1, 1976 and Turkey Trot #5 Nov. 8, 1986 Huntington Beach



 Wheels of Confusion  and friends  2013 Christmas party: Front row Sharon "Camel" Brooks from Whaat Vans, Steve Saybrook, Row 2: Steve and Linda Cartright from Pirate Vanners, Nancy Marquez from Whaat, Mrs. Durfee, Heather Smith from Our Gang Vans, Janet "Fuzz" Mund, Kevin Mowery, Stephanie Huerta, Row 3: Angie Mayzum, Brandy Blake, Amber O'Shea, Gavin Browne,  Jim Thor, Fred Durfee, Phil Jones, Jerry Crossno, Tom Chronister, Alan Quilty,

 60th Birthday party for former Wheels of Confusion member Don "Phantom" Holthe: Sharon Brooks, Robbie & Carol Shyken, Janet Mund, Linda Cartright, Don Holthe , Phil Jones, Jerry Crossno, Steve Cartright, Robert "Banana" Lamb, Kevin Haney,

 Wheels of Confusion and friends at Dazed & Confused #9 at Mojave Oasis in Newberry Springs California

 Wheels of Confusion Los Angeles chapter, later becoming California Street Vans

Little Pauls Summer Pool Party 2013 attended by Wheels members 

Camel & Darrells Superbowl Party 2014 Wheels current & former members and friends in Yorba Linda California 

 Wheels of Confusion Huntington Beach, Riverside,  Los Angeles and Phoenix Chapters History from 1972 to present


The very first Dazed & Confused van run was held in May of 1979 at Lake Perris KOA California.  Number 2 was held at La Jolla Indian Campground, Other locations the run was held include Tucalota Springs near Sage,  Glen Ivy in Corona and Mojave Oasis in Newberry Springs.

ABOVE: Original dash plaque from Dazed & Confused #1 

ABOVE: photos from Wheels of Confusions Phoenix Chapters van drags at Phoenix Dragway November 1978


Wheels of Confusions Phoenix Arizona Chapter had a 3 day van run at the old Phoenix Dragway in November 1978 complete with van drags


Former Presidents of Wheels of Confusion       (any additions email captsluggo@hotmail.com)            

Rick Rapp

Paul Gillistrom

Jim Hutton

Bill Turgeon

Don Holthe (Phantom)


Wally Osbourn

Jim Holbrook

Eddie Smith (Hot Tuna)

Steve Saybrook

Mark Holsinger

Tom Chronister

Brad Phillips (Huntington & Riverside Chapters)

Jim Bacchi (Los Angeles Chapter)

Charlie Henderson (Baja Charlie)

Phil Jones (Sluggo)  Current

Barry LeFroy (Riverside Chapter)-

Dave Tudor-Riverside 

Fred Durfee-Riverside

Tom Chronister- Arizona Chapter (Kingman)

 > Subject: Dude I am one of 7 who started. W of c. Great to see it's still Rocken. Our concepts is still alive. (. Party on. Dude).

> From: tattoopat54@me.com
> Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 20:36:57 -0500
> To: captsluggo@hotmail.com     Email recently received by one of the founding fathers of wheels of confusion


If you have any history of the early days of wheels, you can help build the site contact captsluggo@hotmail.com


ABOVE: Wheels of Confusions infamous "Porno Pit" as seen at the "Great Escape" by Escape Vans" and Sunrise Vanning Company at Silverlake Park in Norco California

ABOVE:  Article from the magazine "Travelin' Vans"  on Wheels of Confusion Phoenix Chapters event at Phoenix Dragway

Wheels of Confusion Dash Plaque from Night of Confusion 69 ralley held September 14, 1985 in Carson California

Tug-o-war at Dazed & Confused #9 held in Newberry Springs California at the Mojave Oasis 

Wheels members kicking back at the end of the California Street Vans Slo-Ride up the Palos Verdes Penninsula on January 5, 2014     BELOW: Wheels  Ad from the 2104 Council of Councils Bible in New Orleans

DASH PLAQUE from totally confused from1982 at Anza Narrows Park in Riverside

2014 members dash plaque                                 2014 membership card                                         2014 Vail Lake Campout dash plaque                  

FAR LEFT: Flyer from 1982 Totally Confused

Above: Indian Summer by just Trippin Vans San Diego at Alpine California, , Great Escape by Escape Vans and Sunrise Vanning Company at Silverlake Park in Norco, , Dazed & Confused 2 by Wheels of Confusion at La Jolla Indian Campground,  Old Time Vans Old Time Rock & Roll  at Woodchuck, Mr. Bill OOH_NOO and If You Aint a Vanner, You Aint Shit.  Thanks Mitch former Wheels Member and possibly a member again